by Hano

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released May 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Hano Chantilly, Virginia

~ j a c k and n i c k and c o n n o r ~

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Track Name: Better
i used to sit at home
voluntarily all alone
until some people started kissing on the tv screen, i miss you
you always took too much damn time
i always took way too much damn time
he ran out of money in december,
but it's okay 'cause i'm alive

woohoo, i'm better than i was last weekend
i guess that's a sign that things are getting better
woohoo, i'm better than i was when your dog ran away
woohoo, i'm better than i was when you showed up on the back porch while i was waiting
woohoo, i'm better than i was when you smoked cigarettes
woohoo, i'm better than i was when some kid threw a brick through your bedroom window
woohoo, i'm better than i was when you fell down the stairs
woohoo, i'm better than i was when your mom found a bag of weed under your mattress
woohoo, i'm better than i was before i met you at all.
Track Name: Pop Songs
i've been taking note of
the things you take note of
and how you keep calm in
the strangest situations
and i've been keeping maps of
the roads that you've travelled
and you keep calling me
from southeast pennsylvania
as if I really need to know what you're up to

i've been writing pop songs
i've been writing pop songs
about where you've been going
without me
as if that could change a goddamned thing.
Track Name: Walking
i spent a lot of time just thinking when we all went to great falls
my life had flashed before my eyes a couple times
and everyone i claimed to know was watching as we hopped along
the different structures, all the rocks by the potomac
and all the pictures that we took are still small stamps of my emotions
as i tried to figure out what i was missing
and when we picnicked on the boulder, you rest your head upon my shoulder
it was like i had just solved the greatest mystery.

i know much better than to use yr pretty name inside these songs
because you'd probably use these stupid words against me
but all the time i spend at home will never beat our time alone
even if the government is out to get me
but even you still say "i'm fine" and even i still say "i'm great"
so maybe we can try to hold on to this feeling
because depression kinda sucks and being young should be real awesome
and i'm tired of being the only one who's angry.
Track Name: Shleek
you let me in, i pushed you out
i fell asleep on the couch eating popcorn
you held the rope, and i let go
you tried to sleep, i kept you up
such a hypocrite for that one
i want you back, and you say no

i guess that i'm just not responsible enough to be in love
hope if i pray enough for the best, then someone will answer me from above
all i need is a blanket, i am always so damn cold
and i miss that endless feeling of sleeping together in the basement of your parent's home

i want to cry, but i'm too high
i tripped up the stairs, now i'm falling
i need to stay, you kick me out
you get upset, you go to bed
i stay up hoping we're together
you want me bad, i want you too

and i know that this is more than expected, but i'm tired of being alone
if you'd just give me a minute, or if you'd just pick up your fucking phone
i do not feel the best about the way i acted then
and no, i cannot promise that it will never ever happen again, but can we please be friends?
Track Name: Saturday
you used to visit in may
every saturday
(i won, you lost
i won, you lost
i won, you lost
i won, you won)

i never knew what to say
fixated on your face
(i know you knew
i don't need you
i know you knew
you don't need you)

i guess i should know my place
but i'll say just in case
(you don't know me
don't you touch me
you'll be sorry
if you love me)

i became a drunken disgrace
stuck thinking about empty space
(you're gone, i'm not
headaches, blood clots
bedtime, time stops
with you, or not.)
Track Name: Choker
tiny rainbows
footprints in the snow
this happens every single saturday, woah
tiny halos
a red nose
all our friends are smart enough to know
that this
is the last time
that we'll see the sun again this weekend

no one knows
which way the wind blows when the sun sets
you can't see the grass's motion, woah
my arms
are so slow
to reach out, and to catch you
and to hold you, oh
it's weird enough to think about
but i'm worth it, aren't i?
Track Name: Eighteen
i got so dizzy turning eighteen
i'll admit i was as high as you thought
so now we're shipping up to westfield
could you stop worrying about getting caught?
with your head on my lap in the back of the van
i hold onto your hand as hard as i can
it's so damn silly being eighteen
i'm sick and tired of being eighteen
i don't stand a chance

i'll be so bitter turning nineteen
thinking about all of the time that i lost
i remember ordering a pizza
but i went broke so jason covered the cost
now while i'm riding my bike, i remember your eyes
and i try not to cry, but i can't, at least i tried
i'll be so bitter turning nineteen
because all my friends won't be here to celebrate with me.
Track Name: Dex
i get so caught off by the lazy days
i wonder if you plan on ever coming around
because when yesterday sucked, i think i fell back in love
but i moved on
it's getting harder to remember you
i couldn't pick your face out if i saw you in town
because when yesterday sucked, i swear i fell out of love with you

i'm getting bored of all the crazy days
i'm hoping when i quit my job i won't stress out
because when yesterday sucked, i had had about enough
i feel numb
i think he might be getting bored of you
not really, i'm just jealous that we don't hang out
because your boyfriend sucks and i'm always in love with you

i wish you'd call me on your lazy days
we'd drink a tank of dex, take a walk, and trip out
because when yesterday sucked, i did my best to feel numb
but i came down
it's getting harder to remember anything
i never recognize a thing when i look around
but when yesterday sucked, you were as high as i thought
but i moved on.
Track Name: Cowboy
i'm a cowboy
i'm a cowboy
and this gun ain't a toy.
Track Name: Moon
you, you always hated the sun
but the moon?
Track Name: Alaska
and then alaska came
and then alaska came
she said, "don't you worry about another damn thing"
and then alaska stayed
and then alaska stayed
she laid by my side
we had nothing on our minds

and then alaska laid
and then alaska laid
she spread apart her limbs
while the snow grazed her face
and then alaska bathed
i said alaska bathed
in blood, a pit of mud
somewhere to stay safe

she was a basket case
she was a basket case
i said
don't stay
if you're just gonna be afraid
and then alaska drank
too bad alaska drank
too much
her face was flushed
the blood stopped rushing through her veins.
Track Name: Bye
i don't understand why i'm still saying sorry
i don't understand why you always ignore me
i don't understand why we still feel so bad about ourselves
i don't understand why you still think i'm boring
i don't understand why i'm still always horny
i don't understand why it's so hard to stay goodbye to you this time

i don't understand how you stay so damn focused
i don't understand how i could feel this hopeless
i don't understand why it's so difficult to be this far from you
i don't understand why i'm so uninspired
i don't understand how i could get this tired
i don't understand why i'm so out of it, i don't know what to do this time

i don't understand why we can't share a bed
i don't understand why i can't get you out of my head
i don't understand why it's you saying bye to me this time around.